The goal of New Age Harvest is to grow nutrient rich food and to deliver it to local residents who are underserved by current methods of agricultural food distribution.

We  produce food that is healthy to eat, free of pesticides, herbicides and GMO's.

New Age Harvest is the first USDA registered hydroponics farm in Southwest Florida.  Our hydroponics farm is constructed inside of a 1500 square foot facility located in a retail strip mall on Hwy Old 41 in Bonita Springs, FL.  We grow our produce,  mostly leafy greens, in 320 vertical towers.   All aspects of the growing environment are computer controlled and regulated, including temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, oxygen, ph and nutrient levels.  Light is provided by Light Emitting Diodes that are tuned to the frequencies needed by the plants for photosynthesis. As a result, our hydroponically-grown lettuces, herbs, and microgreens are available throughout the year.

Water, Nutrients, and Light....that's all there is.

Our Goals

Homegrown By Heroes is the official farmer veteran branding program of America.  The Homegrown By Heroes logo and label certifies that the products were produced by former members of the United States Armed Forces.   

Homegrown By Heroes 

Our Farm